scones and signs.

10 May
Let me summarize confirmation last night.
Pastor Lindsay: Hey, guys.  I have some scones leftover from a meeting this morning if you want one.
Confirmands: scrunched noses  Scones?  What are scones?
Pastor Lindsay … Introducing international coffee treats and new sandwich shops to youth day by day.
We talked about the Psalms last night and I employed the confirmands to help me change the signboards at the church.  Pick a verse from a psalm, I told them.
Here is board number one:
Pastor Lindsay: You know how when you type in all capital letters, it’s like someone is yelling at you?  STEADFAST LOVE SURROUNDS THOSE WHO TRUST IN THE LORD!  I feel like the sign is yelling at us.
Confirmand: Pastor Lindsay, you know signs can’t talk, right?
We went to the second church sign.  And ran out of S’s.  Change of plans –

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