what year is it?

10 Jun
I mentioned before it’s strawberry festival week at Red Oak Grove.  The event is on Tuesday but things are already in full swing.  Today, following service, potatoes and eggs were cooked and peeled.  Celery was chopped with amazing precision, and manly men moved tables.  

This is my first strawberry festival so I’m not entirely sure what to expect or what my role is to be as pastor.  I had mentioned to a couple ladies that they should let me know what I can do.  I feel totally uncomfortable being a person at an event without a job.  I want something to do so I’m not standing awkwardly, waiting for people to talk with or whatnot.  The introvert in me needs a task – something to fall back on and keep my hands busy during conversation lulls.  I told them I was willing to do anything – just lead me to it and sign me up.  I’m game.  Just don’t tell me my job is to talk to people all night.  That would not be overly enjoyable.
Bake sale, I was told.  The baked goods are put on tables in the narthex and I could help Judy run that sale.  That way, they told me, I was still in the middle of the action and could still greet people.  [So, really, I didn’t completely escape the-pastor-as-hostess role but I got close.]  Great, I said.  Bake sale it is.
I chatted with a dear woman this morning over coffee.  I hear you’re looking for a job, she said.  I explained that I would be helping with the bake sale so I was set.  We’ve never really had to think about giving the pastor a job, she said.  They’ve always been men but of course you can help.
She meant well and nothing she said was directly insulting really.  She was just fine with me helping.  But the only reason I can help is because I’m a woman?  Or pastor-men always just assume that their role is play host and woo the crowd?  Or shame on us – our pastor is a woman now; we should include her in the womanly tasks?  I’m not quite sure but the comment shook me bit nonetheless.  
This is on the shirttails of another conversation with a younger woman in the congregation who was told last year that she couldn’t scoop ice cream in the kitchen because it was a man’s job.  Props to her for sticking with it.  She said her arm hurt the next day but she did it.  [whipping-face-mask-off-in-the-final-scenes-of-Return-of-the-King: I am no man!]
What year is it again?

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