the good in Sunday.

11 Jun
I think I so heavily focused on that one slightly sexist remark that I failed to see the good in yesterday.  Not once, but twice, I was recognized for the hard work and hours I put in here.  It’s not that I need to be recognized for it but so often – I think particularly in this church given their history with certain pastors – it seems people are skeptical that I actually put in a full week, they feel the need to check in on me, or always think I need to be doing more.  [Welcome to it, I suppose.  People will always think I should do more.  Fact of life.]
I was locking up the church after worship, when I noticed two women in the parking lot.  Two members – a mother and a daughter.  I haven’t had a whole lot of reason for interaction with the daughter in my time here but we had a lovely parking lot conversation about fairy gardens and going out for lunch.  As we were saying goodbye, this woman told me, Thank you for all you do here.  Aww, shucks.  Thank you for saying that.
Second, for miscommunication reasons, I was sitting outside the lutheran church in Blooming last night.  It was VBS and I thought I was needed there but really I wasn’t and so on and so forth.  A ROG member – also involved in the communication – caught up to me as we were both on our way home after not being needed.  We chatted a bit about youth things and what was coming in the next week.  You sure do earn your keep, she said.  You keep so busy.  Yes, yes, I do.  Thank you for recognizing that I am working hard and this isn’t easy!

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