links for a crabby monday.

25 Jun
I’m terribly crabby today.  Stay away.  Seriously – that’s your warning.
I think it’s because I’m at work [… and blogging.  opps.] and not outside in this beautiful weather.  It might be because I started work at 7:30 yesterday morning and didn’t get done until 8 last night [with a little time for a nap in between].  Needless to say, today is a catch-up and work-ahead office day in my jeans and tshirt.  And I might leave mid-afternoon.  [Shh.]  I need to be outside today before the heat arrives and makes me glisten.  [I had a conversation post-church yesterday with three women.  They decided that women don’t sweat.  They glisten.]
Thus, instead of subjecting you to crabbiness [no one wants that], I give you links.  Huzzah!
My pastor colleague, Emily, writes a column in the Rochester newspaper each week.  I give this one a hearty AMEN.
This is a real thing and I want to go to there.  It’s on my calendar.  Now I just need friends to go with … hint, hint.
I’m so intrigued.  D. Lose knows how to make a girl think.  And how to make her add books to her reading list.
We’re making these to take to New Orleans with us for the youth gathering.  I think it will be a great experience to hand them out to those who are homeless as we encounter them in our time there.
This sounds delicious.  I’ve been on a zucchini kick lately.
Okay.  I’m done.  Back to being crabby at my desk.  I hope your Monday is non-crabby and awesome!

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