I goofed.

26 Jun
I’m still kinda crabby but it’s my fault.
I’m crabby because I messed up.  I messed up and I shouldn’t have.
You see, Red Oak Grove leadership was invited to a stewardship meeting with the synod staff.  They were going to be at three different locations on three different days; we could call and sign up for a time slot.  Great.  I did this.
And then I went on vacation without ever writing the date and time on my calendar. 
Last Wednesday, when I was at The Sound of Music, I should have been talking about mission and stewardship with the Bishop in Albert Lea.  Shit.  I’m learning that my calendar is my life; if it’s not written down, it doesn’t get done.
I only remembered yesterday when my memory was jogged by reading a certain Scripture text.  
I emailed the synod staff and apologized.  
I felt like an idiot.
What a healthy reminder that I’m not perfect.  I goof up and I forget things.  Perhaps also a needed reminder that I can’t do it all.  My council president was also invited to go; in fact, she received the letter in the mail about it, not me.  I could have said, here, Karen, if you could set it up and invite people to go, that would be great.  But I, instead, and like I always do, said that I would take care of it.  I want to help everyone else out.  I don’t want to put anyone out.  But the thing is I say I’ll do things and then things get overwhelming and then I forget things.
Through my own disappointment in standing the bishop up, I told a few people and all I really wanted to hear in response was, it’s okay.  We all goof up.  But it seemed nearly every reaction I got made me feel even worse for f’ing up.  Oh, well.  Me, writing this, is admitting it and moving on.  Sinking feeling in stomach, you may leave now.  [please?]
It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last time that I forget a meeting or overlook a commitment.  This pastor isn’t perfect.  Thank goodness I’m in the right business for some forgiveness.  

2 Responses to “I goofed.”

  1. cassination June 26, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

    It is okay! and we all goof up! (and you did the wise thing sending an 'oops' e-mail). sinking feeling- go away! (seriously, we need large margaritas. stat).

  2. gnome preacher June 26, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    Thanks, Cassie. As for the large margaritas – hell yes.

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