And I’m off!

16 Jul
To New Orleans!

We board the bus at 4:30 this afternoon and will drive through the night.  The five youth from Red Oak Grove are pretty psyched.  I am too; once I get past the whole sleeping-on-the-bus thing.  [I’m bringing drugs.  In the form of dramamine.  It always used to knock me out.  We’ll see about tonight.]
I’m not taking my computer but will try to do a blog update now and again via the iphone.  [so please excuse any typos, grammatical errors, and the fact that I can’t align it justified via phone … though that will likely bother me more than you.]  I will for sure be blogging [nearly/hopefully] everyday at  It’s the church website and I promised updates.  Those will be entirely PC and upbeat.  If at any point I feel otherwise, it’s here I will turn.  That is your warning/invitation.
Happy week to all of you!  I’ll feed the alligators a marshmallow or two for you.  [swamp tour!]

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