17 Jul

I’m here. In New Orleans. And it’s hot.

We drove through the night last night and it was as I expected it to be – not restful. But we made it and didn’t smell too bad after the long journey.

We registered, checked into the hotel, and headed out in the heat for a true New Orleans style meal. I had a muffuletta sandwich, really having no idea what it actually was but wanted to pay homage to Muffuletta’s, a restaurant just down the street from Luther Sem. It was a decent meal but ‘uge. I ate maybe a third of it.

A group of gals and I went out exploring the town after dinner. As expected in the French Quarter, it was an eye-opening experience. Even for this gal who has traveled a fair bit, there were some surprises. And I’m sure it’s only the beginning.

When we got back to the hotel, it was one of lindsay’s favorite parts of the day (and what I anticipate will be a favorite part of this whole experience) – running into and hugging people I know! I saw Mr.Pete, a ministry man I first worked with in Stillwater, and my friend, Kate, who I haven’t seen for nearly two years! It was wonderful and I anticipate more run-ins with favorite people from the past and present!

Now it’s bedtime. Tomorrow is swamp tour day and the first official day of the gathering. I must bid you goodnight.

But first, here is a photo of my massive sandwich –

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