12 Aug
Neglect is what I’ve done to this blog.

I’m still here.  I haven’t been around much because I’ve been off with friends.  [a very good reason to neglect the blog in my world.]  Thursday night was dinner and catching up with my local family.*  Friday was dinner out with Paige and a little antiquing.  Saturday night was attending a wedding at ROG [which I did not officiate] and having Dawson penpal, Carter, stay the night with his family.
Lots of friend time.  Lots of busy socializing time.  Lots of this-makes-Lindsay-happy time.
And now today, I think Mabel and I are going for a ride to friend, Sara’s, house to meet her new puppy.    I’m taking a little post-liturgical breather and we’ll load up and head for the south-west edge of the Cities shortly.  Life is crazy but good crazy.  
* We laughed a ridiculous amount on Thursday night.  What did we laugh at?  This website [specifically attractive to my fellow pastors] and this video [potentially offensive in language to some].  There were tears.  It was wonderful.

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