13 Aug
Sometimes I worry I’m boring.
I used to be fun but the pastor has taken all the excitement out of me.
Case in point: yesterday, Mabel and I drove to see gal pal, Sara in Chaska.  Sara and I first got to know each other working at Trinity in Stillwater and then we actually lived together for a summer in Stilly.  We would have laugh riots together.  We would do crazy things and have complicated awesome inside jokes.  Yesterday, there was a lack of laugh riots.  Not so much crazy except when a dog and a puppy get to playing.  Things were pretty subdued over dinner and Diet Coke.  I don’t blame Sara.  I blame me.  
In fact, sometimes I bore myself.
Bore, bore, bore.
[she says as she watches her cheesy australian soap, figures the mathematics of quilt tops in her head, and plans on being in bed by 11.]

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