14 Aug
Panic is planning a day camp at Red Oak Grove kinda last minute but not really planning any of it because as of Sunday, only three kids had signed up.  [Five was the magic number to go forward with the camp.  I wasn’t going to plan it if it wasn’t going to even happen, and for a church that doesn’t participate in VBS – though invited – I doubted it would even go forward.]
Panic is having sixteen kids on the signup sheet by Monday evening.
Panic is having to find adult help, go shopping, and schedule the day [which is tomorrow] of games, snacks, and crafts all today.
As I read what I’ve written, perhaps panic is instead irresponsibility.  My bad.
But the first annual day of camp at Red Oak Grove tomorrow will be awesome even if I have to work through the night to get everything together!

One Response to “#panic.”

  1. Elizabeth Luiten August 14, 2012 at 5:56 pm #

    Boring no longer, eh? Sounds fun!

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