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my new favorite thing.

25 Sep
Vintage metal kitchen trays.

They are my ugly and weird and cheap kitchen decor.  They double as places to hang photos and recipes with magnets, and they are surprisingly easy to find at antique stores and junk bonanzas.
My other great junk bonanza buy?  A shelf with hooks.  It nearly completes my entryway.  Still needed: a bench.

pancake balls.

24 Sep
I’ve been a delinquent blogger.  I feel obliged to take you back to last weekend.

To the aebelskiver.



A Danish pancake ball.
Paige and I attend this church supper, a supper put on by one of jD’s churches.  We both missed the event last year so it was exciting to learn what an aebelskiver was and eat seven of them.  [A full plate = seven balls.]  Not only that, given our close friendship with the pastor, we donned hairnets and had an aebelskiver lesson in the kitchen.  Given my love of ball-shaped foods, I feel as if I should perfect my aebelskiver approach.  Add it to the to-do list.


23 Sep
And so Kate and I escaped to the woods.  I purchased a deal through Living Social for the Heartwood Conference Center.  Two nights in one of their hotel rooms just outside of Trego, WI.  We hiked, played bocce ball, and wooed the snack shack guy into giving us free hot chocolate.  [Okay.  We didn’t woo.  He just told us not to pay for it.  I think he liked our charm.]  It was a bit too chilly and windy to get out on the water [boo] but we had fun exploring by other means.  It was the perfect escape and as vacations normally go, one or two more nights would have been wonderful.

the drive.

a walk thru the woods.

this is what nighttime looked like.

a short hike along the st.croix on the way home.

wildness of the wilderness.

20 Sep
I ran away to the wilderness.  My friend, Kate, and I have been enjoying the resort, our vacation and the wilderness that is a part of it.  We hiked morning and afternoon today, a total of over eight miles.    Henry David Thoreau reminds us why it’s so important –

We need the tonic of wildness:To wade sometimes in the meadows
where the bittern and the meadow-hen lurk,
and hear the booming of the snipe;
To smell the whispering sedge where only
some wilder and more solitary fowl builds her nest,
and the mink crawls with its belly close to the ground.
At the same time we are earnest to explore and learn,
we require that all things be mysterious unexplorable,
that land and sea be infinitely wild,
unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable.
We can never have enough of nature,
We must be refreshed by the sight of inexhaustible vigor,
vast and titanic features:
The sea-coast with its wrecks,
the wilderness with its living and decaying trees,
the thunder cloud, the rain that lasts three weeks
and produces freshets.
We need to witness our own limits transgressed,
and some life pasturing freely where we never wander.

Closing my laptop now.  More about this retreat and my time away later. 

seven things you should know.

18 Sep
1. I painted an upstairs bedroom palm leaf.  It was a gross green.  A new color and four coats of paint later, now it’s painted asparagus.  
2. I painted an upstairs bedroom because it will become my craft room.  Former craft room is now exclusively a spare bedroom.  Come visit!
3. My mom was here.  She brought me a bed for the now aptly named spare bedroom.
4. Mom and I spent a full day in the cities.  We went to the Junk Bonanza and IKEA and spent much money.  My list of current household projects is now very long.
5. I’m on vacation this week.  Thus far I’ve painted, done laundry, cleaned, watched too many episodes of White Collar, and slept.
6. I leave tomorrow morning for a two-night stay in northern WI at a resort in the woods with my friend Kate.  It shall be fun.
7. I tried the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks again, really feeling like I should like it.  Verdict?  I still don’t.


12 Sep
I was in my kitchen last night, fixing this for dinner.  It had been a shitty, shitty day.  I won’t even pretend that it was nice; I cried pretty much all day and in front of all sorts of people.  But then, in the midst of dinner –
knock, knock.
Someone was at my front door.  I grabbed Mabel by the collar, opened the storm door, and began to push open the screen door.  The mystery knocker was standing kinda off to the side and as I pushed open the door, bent over holding onto Mabel’s collar still, my eyes gradually sized up this man in front of me.  Around my age.  Spandex shorts.  Tight biker shirt.  And off-sided grin.
His name was Eric and he is biking across the country.  He wondered if he could sleep in his tent in the church yard.  
Living in a house in the middle of nowhere by myself, I’m always skeptical.  My inner voice wondered if this would be a good idea.  I nearly sent him to the open field next to the cemetery but then decided that wasn’t very hospitable of me.  He didn’t seem like a creeper; he appeared very innocent and kind.  [The murderers always do, don’t they?]  I told him to go for it – sleep under those oak trees.
All night, I would casually glance out the windows that faced the church and wonder what he was doing.  [At one point, I looked out and he was half naked.  eek.]  I called the church president to let her in on the loop, and called Marilyn just in case he was still there when she arrived to the office in the morning. 
Then, this morning, I woke up and looked outside.  He was still there, apparently asleep.  Really, I wanted to talk to him.  I wanted to know why he was doing this crazy thing and where he was from and all of that.  Ate breakfast and checked.  Still there.  Walked to the office and positioned my office chair so I could see out the window.  Still there.
Finally, he was up and I went outside to say good morning.  I apologized just a bit for being so skeptical and skiddish the night before; he said he gets that a lot.  I asked him where he was from [Palmer, Alaska] and how he came to be biking like this [at 18, he decided his goal was to bike around the world].  He’s done his European leg, as I understood it; is heading for Nebraska to stay with friends for the winter, and then next spring will bike from Niagara Falls to Alaska before doing the Asian leg of his goal.  Crazy.
I told him he could use the bathroom in the church if he wanted and that he did.  On his way out, he paused in front of our offices and said, Thanks for the hospitality.  
Hospitality, not horror movie.  Thank you, Jesus.

hammock love.

9 Sep
I bought a new hammock.
My Mexico Mission hammock has gotten me far – five years or so – and it is a lovely hammock.  It made me fall in love with swinging and napping and reading without touching the ground.  But it’s hard to take places.  And difficult to hang properly.  And sometimes you get all stuck in the wovenness of it all. 
When a deal for a Green Armadillo hammock came up on LivingSocial, I sprung for it.  It’s actually marketed as a hammock for backpackers; pack this hammock instead of a tent.  I’m not sure I’ll go that far but it is perfect for an afternoon in the backyard, taking on vacation, or anywhere else.  It weighs less than two pounds, folds up into itself, and comes with all the rope needed to hang it.  Pretty swift.

I hung it up for the first time tonight.  At first, I was quite skeptical.  I didn’t think it was quite as comfortable as my other one but then I discovered one can comfortably lay in the hammock on one’s side the short way [in addition to the standard long way].  Super wonderful!  No longer skeptical.  I’m sold.
And it’s huge.  It’s a double.  A hammock for two.  Come on over!

dear insecure self,

8 Sep
I’m trying to not let you ruin my evening but you’ve made a strong appearance tonight.
I’m trying to remind myself that I’m just coming off of a great retreat.  Really great.  The kids had fun and I hope learned at least one thing about the Bible.  We had a campfire and went hiking and stayed up too late and ate camp food.  It was fun.  jD and I plan awesome retreats.  [Did I tell you that?  jD and I planned together and forced our confirmation kids to make new friends with each other.  They like it.]  You probably want to return to your adolescence just to go on one, right?  
But now that I’m home, I’m questioning everything I did.  Was I enough fun?  Did I lead that one thing right?  Was I too snarky with that one kid that I’m always snarky with?  Did I get a little crabby without any Lindsay-reflection-time for 24 hours?  Do my confirmation kids now wish they had much cooler Pastor jD as their teacher instead of me?  Was I too square?  [Probably because at one point I said, Paths are here for a reason!]  Insecure self, you make me question the awesomeness of the retreat and I loathe you for it.  
Now I have a sermon to write for tomorrow because, of course, I wasn’t able to get it done before I left for the retreat because it was crazy with everything else.  A friend sent me hers to read to see if it would spar any ideas of my own.  What do I do when I read someone else’s sermon?  Realize that mine will never be as insightful, engaging, or competently written.  I should just preach hers [she gave me permission] but I feel like that would be cheating.  AND then I fear everyone in my congregation would love it more than they’ve ever loved a sermon of mine before.  Insecure self, you suck.
There is more but I should probably stop spilling every insecure thought in my soul.  Enough for tonight.
I must now plagiarize Paige’s sermon for tomorrow morning.
You win for now, insecure self, but this isn’t over.
7 Sep
Look at me, not writing on this blog again.  
I know I say it all the time but life is crazy.  
I hope to be back soon.  In the meantime, off to an overnight confirmation retreat!


1 Sep
This video seems appropriate to post on the day of two weddings for this pastor.  And, really, Matchbox Twenty, is always the right decision.  How can you not listen to this song over and over?

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