favorite things.

5 Jan
1. Downton Abbey premiere.  Season three.  Tomorrow night.  I printed off paper dolls.  Don’t judge.
2. Rice noodles.  I’m not much of a pasta person, but for this Asian food staple, I go a bit crazy.
3.  Ruzzle.  It’s a new word game my sister introduced me to – one you play on your phone.  Find me and let’s play; I can almost nearly certainly guarantee that you’ll win.  [I’m not very good.]
4.  The Bachelor begins on Monday night.  Again, please don’t judge.
5.  Dreaming up service projects for Lent.  Health kits, anyone?
6.  Haircuts.
7.  Clean sheets and a freshly-made bed.
8.  Epiphany crackers.  [I ordered cracker snaps to make Christmas crackers but they did not come in time.  Instead, I will make them to celebrate the visit of the magi.  Quite appropriate, actually, as they traditionally come with crowns.]
In addition, favorite things are not: organizing my bedroom closet, preparing the newsletter for church, laundry, feeling absolutely overwhelmed at work, Saturday sermon writing, how boring mail becomes after Christmas, and red delicious apples.

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