I cry.

5 Jan
I figured out a tear trigger for me.
I always cry at animal movies, but really can’t say I’m the biggest animal person in the world.  I mean, I like animals but don’t really care an extraordinary amount about the gorilla at the zoo.  I’ve always wondered why I cry so when the people are saving the whale or helping the dog get home.
I cry at underdog movies.  Movies where the baseball team comes from behind after working together.  Or the movies when the bigger and better team/person/etc. moves to help the smaller and horrible team/person/etc.  Or the movies where the townsfolk support the awkward guy who buys a life-size sex doll and pretends it’s his girlfriend.  [Okay.  That’s just one movie and it’s called Lars and the Real Girl.]  
Then, tonight, I cried at this.  This ten year old boy in Philadelphia saves up his allowance money to give to the local animal shelter because he loves cats so much and he wants them to find homes.  Seriously, Lindsay?
I think I’m a sucker for people who help.  I’m a sucker for the people who bond together for a common cause – whether to save a whale or change someone’s life or give someone another chance.   I even cried during the latest Spiderman movie when all the construction workers moved their cranes to help Spidey travel through the city.  
I wish I was joking but nope.  There were actual tears.
They bonded together to help Spiderman and I turned into a puddle.  

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