5 Mar

[pancakes.]  I have pancakes on the brain this week; I’m not sure why.  I do love pancakes; I have a whole pinterest board of pancakes.  However, I eat them rather sparingly.  Ever since my mom said, “If it has cake in its name, it shouldn’t be a breakfast food” I’ve begrudgingly stuck to my oatmeal and hard-baked egg.  [No.  Not really begrudgingly; I love oatmeal and eggs too.]  But then, every once in a while, I’ll splurge for a pancake Saturday.

As kids, my brothers and I would eat pancakes in a very gross fashion.  Our favorite thing to do was take our plate of pancakes and syrup, use our fork, and smash the heck out of those puppies so all that was left on our plate was a pile of sticky, gruel-like pancake mess.  And then we would eat that pile of sticky, gruel-like pancake mess.  I don’t know why we did this but we did it all. the. time.

I think my pancake eating has come a long way from the fork-smashed box-mix pancakes.  I learned how much I loved pancakes once again when I made these a couple years ago – lemon ricotta pancakes with berry sauce.  It just sounds heavenly even saying it.  Lemon ricotta pancakes with berry sauce.  From there, I went to pumpkin pancakes.  Rainbow pancakes.  And banana oatmeal pancakes.  Plain pancakes just sound boring now.

I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about pancakes at this moment.  I sat down at my computer and started typing this; I can’t even remember what the trigger was to begin.  I guess pancakes can distract even –

Did someone say pancakes?

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