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Friday Favorites.

5 Jul

After a week hiatus, I’m back.  And I must say – three day weekends are my favorite.  It’s nice to have a holiday that falls on a Thursday and not a Monday because that means three days off for this person who has to work on Sundays.  Also my favorites –

Feedly.  Normally, many of my Friday Favorites would come from the blogs I follow on google reader.  Google reader met its planned demise on July 1st.  Google shut it down.  On June 30, I made the dreaded switch to another feed reader, Feedly.  And I love it.  Almost more than the dead google reader.

This summer veggie tortellini looks super yummy.

When you eat with a knife and fork, do you cut and switch?  This story is about the ways Americans eat … and why we should change.  I find this whole idea fascinating.  It comes on the tail end of finishing David Lebovitz’s book about living in Paris, in which he talks about how once the French start eating a meal, they never put their knife down.

I had no plans yesterday for the Fourth, which was really okay.  I did miss my Bananas, the people with whom I spent so many Fourth of July’s, having so much fun.  While missing them, I spent the day cleaning, washing furniture slipcovers, and quilting, all of which were really okay.  I dived back into a baby quilt that needs to be done soon and spent time thumbing through quilting books I had just checked out from the library.  It’s in one of those books that I fell in love –


I want to make this quilt.  It’s primarily scraps and so simply awesome.  Think it would make a cute baby quilt?

Speaking of babies, have I shared with you this photo of a baby in a crocheted Cabbage Patch wig/hat?  There is nothing more adorable.

A happy sewing room.

13 Jun

Blog break!  [I feel like a need a song to sing.  Blog break!  Blog break!  Blog break!]

I’m at work on the last day of what feels like the longest week ever.  After being at Synod Assembly last Friday and Saturday, it quite literally has been an eleven day work week.  And so I declare a blog break to tell you about my happy sewing room.

I cleaned it last night.  I technically cleaned it in preparation for my mom and sister [who arrive tomorrow so we can fly out of MSP on Saturday]; the futon lives in my sewing room and someone will need to sleep on it.  That wouldn’t have been possible filled with stacks of fabric and odd sewing supplies.

It’s now a happy place to which I’m ready to return.  I have a couple more baby quilts for friends to complete before the summer is out and I have a silent auction baby quilt to make.

A what?  A silent auction baby quilt.  Jenna, my friend and Luther College fellow alum, chairs a Twin Cities Luther alum event – one that raises money for Luther scholarships.  She emailed and asked if, as a Luther alum, I’d be willing to contribute something to the silent auction.  Oh, for nice.  I was honored and certainly willing.  Give me an excuse to make a baby quilt and I’m there.  I’m ready to start finding new patterns and fabric!  I’m ready to make my sewing room messy again with creativity.



5 Mar

[pancakes.]  I have pancakes on the brain this week; I’m not sure why.  I do love pancakes; I have a whole pinterest board of pancakes.  However, I eat them rather sparingly.  Ever since my mom said, “If it has cake in its name, it shouldn’t be a breakfast food” I’ve begrudgingly stuck to my oatmeal and hard-baked egg.  [No.  Not really begrudgingly; I love oatmeal and eggs too.]  But then, every once in a while, I’ll splurge for a pancake Saturday.

As kids, my brothers and I would eat pancakes in a very gross fashion.  Our favorite thing to do was take our plate of pancakes and syrup, use our fork, and smash the heck out of those puppies so all that was left on our plate was a pile of sticky, gruel-like pancake mess.  And then we would eat that pile of sticky, gruel-like pancake mess.  I don’t know why we did this but we did it all. the. time.

I think my pancake eating has come a long way from the fork-smashed box-mix pancakes.  I learned how much I loved pancakes once again when I made these a couple years ago – lemon ricotta pancakes with berry sauce.  It just sounds heavenly even saying it.  Lemon ricotta pancakes with berry sauce.  From there, I went to pumpkin pancakes.  Rainbow pancakes.  And banana oatmeal pancakes.  Plain pancakes just sound boring now.

I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about pancakes at this moment.  I sat down at my computer and started typing this; I can’t even remember what the trigger was to begin.  I guess pancakes can distract even –

Did someone say pancakes?


23 Oct

Source: via Zanny on Pinterest

gray & yellow.

31 Oct
Since moving in, my bedroom is the one room that has received zero attention.
It’s time to change that.  I want it to be a happy place.
We’re beginning with paint.  [I’ve never really painted a room.  bathroom stalls?  yes.  giant fiberglass turtles and frogs?  yes.  bedrooms?  today we attack – rollers, blue tape, and all.]

And using this pinterest board as inspiration.  Gray and yellow is the goal.
[however I talked to my mom tonight and I’m worried now that my gray will look purple or blue instead of gray.  time will tell.]

creative juices.

28 Oct
mmm.  juice.
I’ve been intentional to return to the crafting I love so much – the crafting I need to do to remain sane.  Attempting to be creative is one of my passions and what’s a passion if it’s not indulged?
I made a yarn wreath for the front door.  [I’ve decided I’m a wreath person.  I think I always want one on my door.  Hence, this pinterest board.]

I had a cake in the freezer now for a few weeks and decided it was time to make a batch of cakepops.  I’m due to send a few packages out; the cakepops will be included.  [I think I was cakepopped out after this summer but it was fun to return.  Have I told you that I have a thanksgiving turkey cakepop order coming up, in addition to a wedding cakepop event for next June?  Holy balls.]

I’m finally beginning to put together the quilt I wanted to finish in the month of July.  I’ve gotten to the unfortunate point when I just want to finish it to move onto the next project; perfection goes out the window.

I need to finish that quilt – or at least get to a proper pausing point – because I have a baby quilt up next!  I bought green and pale yellow fabric yesterday and hope to get it done in a couple weeks.  It’s going to be all sorts of circles.

link it up.

21 Sep
There is much to tell you.  I write from the Blooming Prairie Public Library, mooching the free wifi because we still have no internet at the church and my iphone wifi was not cooperating today [I blame the high winds].  I just finished attending a women’s circle where I was entirely intimidated by the Bible study leader; Evelyn was a missionary in Cameroon for over twenty years and she knows her Bible.  I’m learning lots of names and eating lots of cake [as served at such functions].  I met with my accountant yesterday morning and he put me in a splendid mood for the day.  [Who knew meeting my accountant would brighten my day?]  Marilyn and I continue to have a good time in the office, and this week is certainly much better than last.  I have a wild rice chicken soup in the crock pot at home – a recipe from the Central Lutheran cookbook.  I was asked to serve at the noon-time rush of First Lutheran’s [in Blooming] lutefisk dinner in October; I get to wear a red apron.  I’m planning a fall festival for families in mid-October and looking forward to not preaching next Sunday [as it is my installation].  
There is much to tell but instead of long stories, I only find the time right now to post a few links.  Stories will hopefully follow in the next couple days, but for now, let these links and photos be the storytellers of my days and dreams.
I really want to read this book.  There is something about fonts and typography that simply makes me happy and excited.
I made this and this last night.  Both proved to be quite tasty.  I made this, also in the crockpot, a couple weeks ago.  Also tasty.  Also on a recipe note, these look extremely dangerous.  Extremely.  I must not make until I have a function to take them to and then leave the leftovers!
I want to make this for necklaces and hang it in my bathroom.

I also want to make this.

And these.

Anyone know where to find oodles of scrabble tiles?  I’m kinda in love with them right now.

in blog’s honor –

31 Aug
In honor of there’s no place like gnome‘s birthday today, I will host a fictional party to celebrate.

Would you like to come?
Oh, you forgot to rsvp?
[awkward silence followed by awkward laughter]
Just kidding!  There is no rsvp for this fictional party that I just made up for something that isn’t even tangibly real.  Come on over!  [But do bring your 3D glasses!]

Here’s the best – as I see it – of pinterest partying:

Source: None via Lindsay on Pinterest


5 Aug
Pinterest has me itching for my own place.  For a blank slate.  I’m looking forward to putting my creative urges to work come September, especially because of these photos …
Cover bricks in pretty paper for bookends.

Use a small tension rod in the cupboard to hold small spices.

I will paint a wall gray.  

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