Friday Favorites.

5 Apr

How is it Friday already?

Fridays became sad today.  I received an email from one of the first grade teachers whose class I volunteer with on Friday afternoons.  For the rest of the year, their Friday afternoons will look different with some new rotational lessons between the classes.  Therefore, Lindsay is no longer needed.  I actually teared up a bit when I read it [proof I’m hanging by a string here, people].  I looked forward to that hour and a half each week.  I’m bummed.  I have my sub license in so subbing on Fridays is a possibility too … but no calls for that yet.

In an attempt to be more uplifting –



And here.***


* Are you an introvert who sometimes dreads dinner parties?  *raises hand*

** I made this for dinner on Tuesday night and it was delicious.  It will be a standard in my kitchen.

*** Sewing, meet golf.


That’s all.  I’m not very exciting today.  Maybe next week!

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