The Giant Mechanical Man and broken teeth.

30 Mar

Have you heard of The Giant Mechanical Man?  It’s a movie.  A delightful one.  It streams on Netflix if that helps you out, and is one my sister would definitely characterize as a Lindsay movie.  [Read: Indie-ish, odd, not mainstream.]


In the movie – in addition to a whole lot of other stuff happening with silver face paint and scenes at a zoo [I’m totally selling it, right? <sarcasm>] – two of the main characters have the same dream.  A dream about their teeth falling out.

I saw this movie weeks ago when Paige & Karen & I had a sleepover at the ROG B&B but it kept replaying in my mind this week again as my own teeth began falling out.  … say what?

Okay.  Not multiple teeth and not even a whole tooth.  It was Maundy Thursday and I had just gone to get the mail from the mailbox.  I was chewing gum.  La di da.  Sorting mail.  Blowing bubbles.  Opening letters.  Chomp, chomp, cho –

There is suddenly something very hard in my gum.  Upon further investigation, it’s a part of a tooth and it’s disgusting.  [Luckily, it doesn’t hurt.  A corner of a molar.  I have an appointment next week to get it checked out.]  Last year on Maundy Thursday, my heel broke during worship.  This year, apparently, it’s my teeth.  Should we cast lots for what breaks next year?  Maybe an arm or a leg?

2 Responses to “The Giant Mechanical Man and broken teeth.”

  1. Erin April 9, 2013 at 9:18 pm #

    Oh, girl. That sucks. I’m about to get fitted for crown #3 in a few weeks. My incident occurred on the Wednesday before Holy Week. Sometimes I think we’re kindred.

    • Lindsay April 13, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

      Ugh. I’m sorry to hear that. Suckfest. I’m hoping I’m done with the dentist for awhile now. No fun. [Not to mention my dentist learned that I am a pastor – nearly always a mistake to tell people that – and he happened to have taken a recent trip to the Holy Land. Hello, 45 minutes of non-stop talking and me nodding with wide-open numb mouth.]

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