We’re here!

17 Jun

Alaska, that is.

There is no wireless Internet at the brother’s and so I type an ever-so-brief update via mobile. His neighbor, however, has wireless that pops up on my list of available networks. His network name? “Awesomer.” Because someone else in the neighborhood had already taken “Awesome” for their network name. Awesome.

We made it. We meaning my mom, sister, and I. Made it meaning traveled from Austin to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Seattle, Seattle to Anchorage, Anchorage to Valdez. We are ready to not be in an airplane or car seat.

We are here. Staying with my younger brother and his dog, Jetta. Possible agendas for the coming days include boating, kayaking, and hiking. Oh, and confusing our bodies with the ever-presence of the sun. (It’s weird.)

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