A weekend of awesome.

9 Jul

I’m going to tell you about my weekend.

It was wonderful.

I cleaned.  I strangely love cleaning on a day off.  It helps me feel productive and less guilty for the rest of my time at home spent … not cleaning.

I read.  I finished Insurgent [the second novel in the trilogy by Veronica Roth] and picked up a few books that I’ve been nursing along for a couple months now.

I picked strawberries.  It’s just not quite summer if I don’t pick strawberries.  I drove to just south of Faribault and picked eight pounds of delicious, red strawberries with bright green leaves.  I’d forgotten what a far cry locally picked berries are from the store-bought ones.  What am I doing with eight pounds of strawberries?  Eating them.


I quilted.  I finished the top of a banana baby quilt, sandwiched it, and then started in on the gumdrop quilt I told you about in my last post.  I just couldn’t wait and happened to have all of the supplies on hand.  I’ve been cutting and fusing and cutting and fusing lots in the last few days while watching Arrested Development.

I went shopping with Paige.  We met up at the outlet mall and shopped a bit.  I picked up a few needed items for my kayak trip.  [Headlamp?  Check.  Sleeping bag?  Check.  Wilderness wash?  Check.]

It was such a great weekend of all of my favorite things.  Up next is the second day of day camp tomorrow at Red Oak Grove – also one of my favorite things!  We’ll just erase the tense council meeting from last night from my mind and pretend only favorite things exist.

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