Friday Favorites.

12 Jul

Hey.  It’s still Friday.  For another hour and a half.

In addition to beautiful weather, another day of day camp, and being randomly selected to earn $30 from the Nielson ratings people for filling out a TV diary for a week, these are my favorite finds of the week —

I’ve been quilting up a storm lately.  When the quilts-in-progress are complete, I want to make bags.  Maybe a messenger bag?  Or oilcloth pool tote with mesh pockets?  Or maybe I’ll just start another quilt.

I went strawberry picking again today, this time with jD, Lauren, and Elliot.  [Then we went out for lunch in Faribault.  It was delicious.  And fun.]  I might attempt strawberry cinnamon rolls or these strawberry lemonade scones.  Yum.

I told you awhile ago about homemade magic shell for ice cream.  I wasn’t lying.  Here it is, spelled out.  Two ingredients.  Endless deliciousness.

Looking for a delightful movie to redbox?  Warm Bodies.  Don’t make that face – it’s about zombies.  Zombies with heart.

Time for finding favorites this week was limited …  I think that’s all I have this week.  Happy weekend!

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