Today was my favorite.

15 Jul

Do you want to know why?

First, it was a confirmation planning day all day with my favorite reverends – jD and Laura.  We drank coffee, wrote on big pieces of paper, and dreamed about what confirmation will look like at our churches this fall.  Big picture dreaming days with fun pastors are always my favorite.

Because I had friends coming to church, I had a reason to bake.  This chocolate-banana-zucchini bread got rave reviews.  It was pretty delicious.  Baking and sharing is my favorite.

After a favorite day at work, I drove to Owatonna because some of my favorite Dawson people moved there today.  My best-friend-forever, Carter, and his family are now only a 30 minute drive from me.  I see Legos in my future.

I came home to catch the last bit of The Bachelorette [where Brooks is my favorite].

Now I will iron some gumdrops and read a book before bed.  [I’d forgotten reading fiction was my favorite until recently.  After devouring a couple books in the last couple weeks, I’ve started in on Where’d You Go, Bernadette?  Delightful.]

Favorites, favorites everywhere.  Let’s hope this is a trend.

Life …
might …
be …
looking …

Let’s not jinx it.

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