Friday Favorites.

16 Aug

It’s a churchy and video Friday Favorites today!  Who’s excited?

First, you should know that right now, in Pittsburgh, is the ELCA Churchwide Assembly.  Nearly 1000 voting members from synods across the country meet every couple years to discuss the ministry and business of the ELCA.  My friends, Paige and jD, are there right now.  [I *almost* was able to go as the ‘young adult voting member’ for our synod but someone else beat me to the punch.  I feel like I’m missing out on trio fun.]  Paige and jD, in their typical strokes of geniuses, are filming a nightly recap of events to share with their churches [and anyone else] back home.  Their youtube channel is here if you want to check out more of their videos [with appearances from surprise guests and the awesome Pastor Charlie of Blooming] but I’ll for now embed last night’s –

The joke was that as they film a vlog each night, I would also film what I’m doing while home on the range.   I had lunch with my synod friend, Karen, on Tuesday and we accepted the challenge with a copycat/mock vlog about a very, very important parking lot –

Super exciting, right? I fear if you’re not super engrossed in the Lutheran world, neither of those may have been fun.  But you know what is fun?

At the Churchwide Assembly, an election for the presiding bishop happened.  The presiding bishop is the bishop of the whole ELCA.  For the last twelve years, Mark Hanson has served in this capacity with amazing grace.  He was up for re-election and a possible third term but as the election continued, the result was unexpected.  There was no campaigning and we trust that the Holy Spirit leads the process.  At the end, the ELCA had elected our first female presiding bishop this week.  It’s quite an exciting event!

In other non-churchy Friday favorites, I get my hair cut today.  Always a favorite.  I made these coconut oil chocolate chip cookies this week.  They got Bob-the-treasurer and Marilyn-the-administrative-assistant approval.  And, hey, anyone want to come over and make watermelon helmets?

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