Beautiful day.

17 Aug

Today, the midwest was nothing short of gorgeous.  This weather is my favorite.  I woke with no plans for this particular Saturday and by mid-afternoon felt guilty [and a little bored] hanging out inside cleaning and doing laundry.  This day called for outdoor activities.

Mabel and I jumped in the car and we drove to Albert Lea to Myre Big Island State Park.  I haven’t gotten nearly enough use out of my car park pass this summer and while this is a park we’ve explored before, it was worth another hike.  We hiked around the island, through the woods and along the water.  Mabel splashed around in the lake and seemingly enjoyed the change of scenery from our normal walking route.  I did too.

Beautiful day indeed.  Let’s hope it’s this great tomorrow for Red Oak Grove’s outdoor cowboy service.  Yeehaw.


[I also snuck in a quick trip to the quilt shop which is a short five minutes from the park.  I couldn’t be so close and not stop.  No.  Of course not.]

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