life lately in photos.

3 Oct

I mentioned in a post yesterday that I’ve been gone on the blog.  Maybe you noticed; maybe you didn’t.  Either way I’m going to tell you where I’ve been.  You’re trapped.  No turning back.


Being all woodworky.  I think I’m getting the hang of it – and I like it.  The dresser will be ready for the guest room as soon as I can figure out how to get the remaining veneer stripped off of it …

Practicing hexagon and handquilting stitches.  I even bought a thimble!  First-time thimble owner!

My mom came to visit!  Mom and her beau, Jeff, came to spend last weekend with me and help me out around the house.  Closet doors readjusted, gutters cleaned, lightbulbs changed, windows cleaned.  Check, check, check, check.

Watching Sherlock of BBC via Hulu.  It enchants me.  He enchants me.  [But sometimes it’s too scary to watch alone at night.  I had to turn one of the episodes off and finish it during the day.]


Hanging out with firefighters.  In an embarrassing turn of events, the elevator at the church broke and left a man in a wheelchair stranded on the second floor.  We called the great guys of the volunteer BP fire department to help us out after other options proved futile.  Luckily, one of the firemen was an electrician and he was able to fix the problem before they had to actually lift the gentleman down the stairs.


Trying on children’s banana Halloween costumes.


Lots and lots of pastor meetings.  Those meetings included an all day meeting with fellow first call pastors at the synod office which is housed in this beautiful place in Rochester.  I took a walk at lunch in the beautiful day.


Laughing lots with my beloved confirmation students.  We had a great night again last night.  It’s our Lutheran year and we’re learning/reviewing lots using our sticky wall.  It’s two yards of nylon-like fabric with repositionable adhesive sprayed all over it.  Squint and see what’s written on the paper at the top?  Justin Bieber.  Naturally.  [It was from a famous-person name game we played.  We also looked up what our names meant.  So funny.  We found out one of us is furious, another is from Ireland, and one is of the sea.]

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