6 Oct

Sherlock Holmes says that often, usually to the annoyance of his friend, Dr. John Watson.

It’s a phrase I’ve heard a lot lately.  Why?

Because I’ve been watching a lot of Sherlock.


It’s a small sort of obsession.

The latest BBC version of Sherlock is two seasons in and continually gaining popularity.  Two BBC seasons meaning three hour-and-a-half episodes a piece.  [aka not enough]  I’ve watched all six on Hulu … and now am rewatching them.  Season three is finishing production and will likely air in early 2014.

It’s just so witty and smart and Benedict Cumberbatch is just so dashing.  With his popped coat collar, curly hair, and obvious discard for social norms, he’s enchanting.

With no new episodes, in addition to rewatching the existing six episodes, I’ve been soaking up anything else I can find.  Season three previews, interviews at Comic Con, stalking researching the men of the show on IMDB.   I think I might attempt to read the original literary works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

To conclude, I like Sherlock and think you should too.  [If you do like Sherlock, too, we should talk about it.  I want to talk to you about it.]  This afternoon I watched season one episodes again and drank tea and ate biscuits.  Proper British drink for watching a proper British consulting detective.



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