Friday Favorites.

11 Oct

As this post is published, I’m in the Cities.  Friday will be a busy day of preparation and excitement for my friend, Sara’s, wedding!  I’m officiating and so excited and happy for her!

Alas, I’m not leaving you high and dry like I did last week [when I was at the wedding of my seminary friend, Jeanette].  Oh, no, this week I planned ahead and scheduled this post.  All for you.  You’re welcome.

Now how about some favorites –

Brene Brown is offering an ecourse with Oprah.  It’s seriously tempting; I might sign up.  Brene Brown’s books and TED talks are hugely inspirational and helpful in life.  Watch one of her TED talks here.  Plus, there is an art journaling component which is exactly what I studied when I was away on the island this summer!

As you read this, like I mentioned earlier, I’m in the cities.  Chances are I may be sitting down and eating this with the bride-to-be.  We’re having a sleepover and I promised her a pumpkin breakfast the morning of the BIG day.

These two-ingredient cheater cake pops are kind of genius.  Yes, they are.  Yes, indeed, they are.

Want some fun and funky iphone wallpaper options?  Check this out.  I currently employ the bubbles.

Will someone give me a reason to make a crepe cake?

And I think that’s all for now.  Happy weekending!

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