Aww, shucks.

27 Oct


Are you ready to die of sweetness?

I received the largest, most beautiful bouquet of flowers I’ve ever received in my life today.

They were delivered to me, stem by stem, by the kids of Red Oak Grove during the children’s sermon.

When I called the kids forward for the children’s sermon, they walked down the aisle with their hands behind their back.  As each presented their stem of flowers to me, they said thank you to me.

Are you melting?  Because I did.  I’m a puddle just thinking about it.  It was hands down, seriously the best.

It was then announced that coffee hour would be in my honor because of pastor appreciation month and they showered me with cards and kind words.  Aww, shucks.   It’s not necessary but it certainly is nice to know one is appreciated.  So super sweet.  Thanks, Groovy Grovers.*

* Did I tell you? I heard a rumor that the people of Red Oak Grove used to be referred to as the Groovy Grovers.  We’re bringing it back.  Okay.  I’m bringing it back.  Still looking to get others on board.

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