Friday favorites –

25 Oct

– from my iphone camera.  It’s a selfish FF – all about me.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Estate sales are my favorite.  I’ve only been to a handful but think I should make it a point to find them more often.  I saw a sign in Austin for a sale on Thursday afternoon and dutifully followed it.  I spent $11 and came home with some goodies.


The way making homemade chicken stock makes the house smell.  A chicken carcass floating in water with veggies probably doesn’t look so great but it smells so good.  I plan on making a batch of chicken noodle soup tomorrow with the stock.


Growing hexagons.  I’ve started sewing the basted hexagons together.  It’s growing …


The quilting women are running short on quilt tops.  I volunteered to make one at some point this winter.  This is the fabric they sent home with me … err, wish me luck?


In addition to –

  • Returning to the Blooming Prairie elementary school to volunteer on Fridays.  Today was my first day back.  What fun to meet a whole new crew of first graders!
  • Drinking wine with church ladies last night.  They invited me over for pastor appreciation month.  Fun.  [Have you appreciated your pastor?]
  • Having nothing on my calendar for tomorrow.  [Except perhaps returning to the estate sale.  All is half off tomorrow … ]
  • The third book of the Divergent series is out!  My nose has been in the book [on my kindle] since then!
  • I’m writing this on my treadmill desk.  Laugh all you want but I like it.

How about a quote again?

The worst enemy of creativity is self-doubt.  [Sylvia Plath]

Happy weekending!

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