Why being an introvert makes me want to nap on the floor.

13 Nov

Do you ever look at the floor and think, Hey, floor.  I want to lay down on you right now.

I’m there.  I’m at that point.  I’m exhausted and the floor looks so … so … nice.

Monday was a three meeting day that lasted into the evening.  Yesterday was a three meeting day that lasted into the evening.  Today is a care-center-worship-and-confirmation-day that will last into the evening.  I’m exhausted, physically and introvert-wise.

But mostly introvert-wise.  Which makes me think of this buzzfeed list I saw earlier this week: 27 problems only introverts will understand.  I heartily echo nearly all of them.  And happily adopt the phrase from number two as an explanation of why strangers tell me to smile.  [Can I also adopt the man in number two as my cuddle buddy while I nap on the floor?]

Thankfully, tomorrow is only a one meeting day that will not go into the evening.  You will find me at home recharging my introvert juices all night.  Until then, the floor still looks tempting …

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