Friday Favorites.

15 Nov

Look out, world.  It’s Friday night.  I have a bottle of wine and the pandora dance pop station playing.  I just vacuumed and baked two cakes.  Things are ca-razy here.  Friday night.  Woot.

So favorites –

I’m serving coffee hour this coming Sunday with another woman.  I’m making these [salted caramel bars] and these [lemon bars].  Maybe some special k bars too [with the mandatory butterscotch in the frosting].  Those will be tomorrow’s project.

One of my favorite quilters that I stalk online and thus feel like we are best friends already – a gal named Jessica who english-paper-pieces-like-awesome-crazy – is hosting a quilting retreat next summer.  In Greece.  On an island.  If only …

Cranberry orange breakfast buns?  I think yes, smitten kitchen.  A thousand times yes.

Are you a handmade gift kind of giver?  Here are 75 inexpensive gifts to make.

I’ve rediscovered an old favorite this past week.  Pilates.  I love pilates.  Turns out Hulu Plus has a variety of 20 minute pilate videos as a part of their morning wake up series.  They’re fun; just ask my core.

I LOVE Advent calendars.  It’s the perfect combination of holiday, tradition, and crafting.  I remember going down to my Grandma Vera’s to open her Advent calendar on various days in December.  [And then eating sponge candy which she kept in a giant bucket in her lazy susan cupboard.  The best.] Here are 35 Advent calendars to make.  This year at ROG we are going to attempt the paper plate Advent calendar.  It should be super awesome.

Lastly – some weekend words of wisdom:recite-27949-1591629159-1yxc67w

Go be a party.

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