The birds are my friends.

2 Dec

I didn’t realize how fun birds could be until they became my friends.

I began feeding the birds this summer.  I have two suet cakes that hang from two separate trees in my backyard.  In the summer, I didn’t notice the birds so much but now that it is winter, I notice them everywhere.

To the extent that I consider them my friends.  I come downstairs in the morning and to the kitchen I go to make coffee and breakfast.  As I go about my routine, my eyes wander to the backyard.  Are the birds eating breakfast too? I wonder.  They usually are.  It’s become nearly automatic; if I enter the kitchen at any point, I look to the backyard and wonder what my bird friends are up to.

Sometimes Mabel and I sit by the patio door and watch the birds.   Sometimes I work from home too, like I am this afternoon, and I watch the birds from my desk view.  Yesterday, as I refilled the suet cakes, I sang them a song.  Come and eat, birdies, come and eat.  I just saw this on pinterest – directions to make a popcorn cranberry holiday wreath for the birds.  I think I might.

Should you be concerned for my well-being as I consider birds my friends?  Nah.  However, if they start mending my dresses and assisting me in getting ready for the day, then be worried.  But we’re not there.


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