Thanksgiving Favorites.

29 Nov

It’s the Thanksgiving edition of Friday Favorites.  Hoping you all had a wonderful day yesterday of turkey, family, and fun.  We certainly did!


I drove home on Wednesday afternoon with Herbert Butterfield, the inflatable penguin, as my copilot.  We received one pretty intense double-take on I-90.  Worth it.

Like predicted, the bake-off competition yesterday was neck-in-neck.  Who won?  Well, we never actually voted.  We’ve gotten pretty relaxed in the last years about actually voting and this year it was simply about the fun of it.  There were four entries in this international competition – Kenya, Brazil, Finland, and Israel were all represented in delicious desserts.


My cousin, Connor, invited six Brazilian friends home with him from college.  They are in the states, going to Roosevelt University for a year, basically to learn English.  Some of their English was a little rocky but it was fun to have them with us!  I secretly kinda hope they might come home and join us for Christmas too.  Here they are, along with the other bake-off entries and bakers:

We also whipped out the chalkboard word bubble.  What are you thankful for?  [I’m thankful for my 16 year old cousin, Sam, who absolutely refused to do the word bubble.  Why do you have to bring that, Lindsay?  Why do you still have that?  It’s stupid, Lindsay.  I’m thankful for his blatant honesty.  Ha.]

Want to hear my favorite Thanksgiving story?  We always play a card game together – a game called 31.  It’s an easy enough game for the younger cousins to join in and the winner gets a whole bunch of quarters.  [Which was always very enticing in my college laundry days.]  This year, cousin Logan really wanted to play for the first time so I volunteered to be his partner/teacher/calculator.


In the middle of the game, this is how the conversation went:

Logan: [pointing to the rings I wear on my index finger]  Are those all rings?
Me: Yup.  There are three.
[processing … processing …]
Logan: Who are you married to?
Me: No one.
Logan: Seriously?

Yes.  Logan.  Seriously.  I’m one week away from 30 and I’m married to no one.  Thank you for reminding me.

Then we colored turkeys on unused bulletin covers.  The end.


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