Today is the day.

6 Jan

The sister leaves for Dublin.  My LITTLE sister.  How is she old enough and mature enough and adventurous enough to go to Ireland for a semester?!  Right about now, she’s on a bus taking her to O’Hare.  From there, it’s DC and finally Dublin by tomorrow morning.  I’m all nervous and excited for her!  Say a little prayer that travel for her goes safely without much delay or hassle.

And, hey, if you’re at all curious about her travels, check out her blog.  Her latest post features her travel itinerary and couple photos of the pillowcase Molly Bea and I made for her.  Family and friends signed the back of it; it turned out super fun.  Oh, yeah, there are also some photos of my siblings and I.  Let’s not get into the shenanigans that was that photo shoot …

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