Friday Favorites.

3 Jan

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a regular Friday Favorite so I’ll make this one extra special.  Promise.

It’s not too late to start this 2014 mood calendar.  Isn’t it super fun?  Each day of the year, you make a face to describe how you felt that day.  Pointless?  Quite.  But still fun.  Or, if you want a more practical, free, printable calendar [I always print two: one for the fridge and one for big-picture planning at church.], check out this one.

New year, new crafty goals.  Here’s to the power of big, crafty goals.  [I think mine are to finish the two quilts I have in progress – the union jack hexagon and gumdrop – and to challenge myself to learn a new quilting skill.]

Busy isn’t respectable anymore.  Can you not say the word busy to describe your life for a week?  a month?  a year?  According to the article, it might change the way you live and view your life.

The kitchn’s 10 Tips that Blew Our Minds This Year.

Hey!  This is where my mom, older brother, and I will be staying while in Dublin in February.  Cozy, right?

Sister leaves for her semester in Dublin on Monday.  When Molly visited me in MN, we wanted to make her something that she could take with her but wouldn’t take up much space in her already-stuffed suitcase.  We decided on a pillowcase.  Something practical and something small.  We didn’t follow this tutorial exactly but it’s a handy one.

Now, the last thing I need is another tote, but this one is made out of an old, discarded sweater.  How fun!

Look at this cute little fairy jar.  I want to make one for absolutely no purpose but that it is cute.  Speaking of jars, I’ve been saving my pesto and salsa jars to make them into cute storage containers.  This tutorial has the creator paint with a brush; I’m going to try spray paint instead.

Enough?  Enough.  Enjoy this first weekend of 2014!

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