A love/hate relationship.

7 Feb

It’s been a week where I love my job and I hate my job.  One of those weeks.

[Please note: When I say I hate my job, I don’t hate my job.  Tongue in cheek, people.  It’s like when Jaime says, “I mean, I work at The Maple but I don’t work at The Maple.”  Name that movie.]

Love my job:

  • My job allows me to substitute teach on Fridays.  Who had her first, full-on classroom sub job today?  This girl.  Third grade.  Thank goodness for the other third grade teachers who reassured me the class is always challenging; it wasn’t just me.  Challenging it was but fun too.  [Plus, a little extra money in my pocket before Ireland won’t hurt.]
  • My job took me to the hospital bedside of a beloved woman twice this week.  Tonight, I gathered with her and her family in her ICU room.  We laid hands on her and prayed.  Then, as I stood to the side, I watched as her dear husband of 65 years stroked her cheek with his hand, trying to lend any sort of relief from the pain she is feeling.  Cutest, holiest, most precious moment ever.  I almost cried.  Almost.
  • The confirmation kids wrote devotions for the church’s lenten devotional booklet on Wednesday.  Let’s just say that what they wrote, how seriously they took the task, and their support of one another blew me away.  Reason #375 why my confirmation kiddos are the best.

Umm, kinda don’t like my job:

  • Sometimes I think it would be lovely to have a job that I can just leave and someone else could easily take over.  This week I remembered that preparing to leave for two weeks is loads of work.  [I know, tiny violin.  I am preparing to go on vacation.  To Ireland.  Poor me.]
  • Remember that way awesome modern quilting workshop I signed up for in the Cities?  It’s tomorrow.  But now I’m not going.  There is a funeral to be led.  [Let’s be clear that I’m not hating that I have to preside at a funeral.  That’s part of why I do what I do.  What is frustrating is that practically anything I plan in life is up for disruption.  Sigh.  That’s what I was reminded of this week.]
  • On a related note: What’s Lindsay doing on Friday night?  Writing a sermon.  What will Lindsay be doing on Saturday night?  Writing a sermon.  I will drink coffee and eat popcorn while doing so.  That will ease the burden.

So there we are.  My week in a job-related pro/con list of sorts.  If we wanted to add to the pro/con list on the personal level, it would mostly be pro.  Overall, it was a good week.  We could add in a taco fundraiser dinner with my Owatonna gnome friends [pro], a delicious chicken soup in the fridge [pro], learning that my ipad cover can allow my ipad to be at optimum treadmilll viewing level [pro], a very busy/non-introvert weekend [con], a second date [pro], quilting – hexies and baby [pro], finding the cutest chunky paper straws at Target [pro], and much more.

What about you?  I hope your week had more pros than cons!



One Response to “A love/hate relationship.”

  1. Sabrina February 8, 2014 at 6:15 pm #

    When are going to hear more about this dating business? It was too loud at the taco shindig for me to ask you!

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