Coffee & apples.

13 Feb

I read once that if you’re sleepy and need to stay awake, you should eat an apple.  Fair enough.  But sometimes I still like coffee.

Tonight, just to be sure, I did both.  I ate an apple and drank a cup of coffee.

At 12:30am.

And there is still a long night ahead of me.  Somehow, before the sun comes up, I need to write a few things for work, do a little necessary quilting, and pack to leave for ten days in Ireland.  And then I need to be well enough and awake enough to endure four hours of interstate driving home tomorrow.  [My mom and I fly out of O’Hare on Friday.]  Did I also mention I have a sore throat?  [I will not get sick.  I will not get sick.  I will not get sick.]

Normally I would blame my own procrastination but it really hasn’t even been all that.  It has simply been a doozy of a week.  One in which things kept coming up [Ministry is in the interruptions.] that needed attending to.  Things that were not me prepping bulletins and newsletters for while I’m away.  Things that were not me getting ready to leave for two weeks or the yearly congregational report to the synod [aka a yearly thorn in my side].  And so after a long day of many emotional visits, a care center worship service, and confirmation, that’s what I’m left to do in the middle of the night.  Oye.

One of those ministry interruptions was a dear, dear member [the one I mentioned in the last post] dying.  I spent time with her and her family many, many times in the past week, and again today as they began the funeral planning process.  A funeral that I actually won’t be here to lead.  And I am so sad about it.  As I shared with the family how I wished I could be there to preside, I started to cry myself.  I loved Doris.  I love her family.  She was such a neat woman; her husband too.  Multiple times over the past couple days, her husband would lament aloud, I wish I could say I love you to her one more time.  

Yeah.  I’m serious.  tears streaming down face  They should win cutest couple for eternity.

Alas, back to work I go.  Most likely my next post will be from the airport or Ireland itself.  I look forward to sharing photos and stories and leprechauns with you!  Until then …

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