16 Feb

G’day, gnomepreacher friends.

It was a good day in Ireland. We woke up (after a good 12 hours of sleep – take that, jet lag!) to the sun shining. We ate breakfast in our apartment, Emma came over from her apartment, and then we booked it for the train station. We headed on the DART train twenty five minutes to the seaside village of Howth. From what we have heard, Howth is the place where Dubliners go to escape the city. Today, we were those people.

Howth had this great little market – this super yummy little market – where we spent a bit of time and euros. We bought delicious fresh bread (oh, how I love that Europeans love bread!), scones (for only one euro a piece!), and lunch. (Lamb burgers with cheese, bacon, and pear/date chutney? Quite possibly the most delicious thing I’ve had in a while. That is what Emma and I had; Matt and Mama Leanne opted for the fish and chips food truck option.) I also bought a polka dotted bowl. (Bowls are my thing that I buy when I travel. Check.)

We walked along the break water, soaking in the accordion player, the darling children with Irish accents, and began to freeze as the wind picked up. We also posed for senior photos, the Howth marina in the background. After a train ride back to Dublin, we spent a little siesta time in the apartment. Emma and I just walked to the grocery store for cheese, wine, and grapes. (All very necessary. I know you agree.) It’s dinner time now; Matt is on grilled cheese duty with the fresh, delicious bread we bought at the market and the cheese we picked up at the store. After that? Maybe a pub for a drink. Or maybe bed. That sounds good too.

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