You are welcome to Dublin.

15 Feb

That’s what the pilot on the plane kept saying. Not ‘welcome’ but ‘you are welcome!’ Thanks, Mr. Pilot. I feel welcome.

And tired. We are six hours ahead of you in central standard time and after a pretty solid night of non-sleep on the plane, we are trying our best to stay awake just a bit longer to help kick the time difference.

We made it here without any big delays or troubles of any kind. We arrived and met my sister at the apartment we are renting while here. We waited for Matt to arrive and then went out and about. Lunch, a little shopping, and groceries at Aldis. I must say – that’s one of my favorite things about traveling to other countries. Checking out their grocery stores! We plan on at least eating breakfast in our apartment, if not more meals, so we stocked up on a few things. (Including ready made pancakes?! What?! We just had to try them!)

I must say that it wasn’t until we were taxiing to the runway to take off from Chicago that I fully realized that I was going to Ireland. I got really,super excited as I hadn’t allowed myself before with so much to do. All behind me now, I’m in Ireland. Crazy.

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