A County Wicklow journey.

22 Feb

Today was probably our last day of grand adventure in Ireland. Right now, we are all cuddled up on the couch (by all I mean Emma, Mama Leanne, and I – Matt is now in a hotel a few blocks away with a friend who arrived a few days ago) with Miss Congeniality on the tiny television. (The apartment owners have a very limited DVD collection.) Emma is researching for her school break trip next week to Italy and Spain; Mum is reading; I am blogging. Happy Saturday night to us. Tomorrow there isn’t much on our schedule but to pack, tidy up, and eat at one last pub. We check out and leave for the airport at 9 on Monday morning.

So today’s adventures. We took another day trip, this time to the remnants of a monastic community at Glendalough and the streets of Kilkenny in County Wicklow. It was neat. See evidence below. Then we cooked a pizza in our oven and drank this super delicious Swedish cider we found at Aldi. And that is that.

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