An Illustrated Journey

24 Feb

I drew this picture of our modes of transportation for you somewhere over Quebec. (Someone was bored and a little stir crazy six hours into an eight hour flight.)


I’m on the bus from O’Hare now, soon to be home at my mom’s, going to pick Mabel up from my aunt and uncle’s house where she enjoyed her own mini vacation of sorts. (One day, she got to eat an entire loaf of bread that someone forgot to put away. *cough, Sam, cough* What a treat!)

Seeing as though my body thinks it is six hours later than it is, bed will soon in order. I anticipate an early morning rising to Dublin time and thus an early start back to Austin. Back to reality. Big sigh. Okay.

One Response to “An Illustrated Journey”

  1. kari reilly February 26, 2014 at 10:51 am #

    I have to say I got pretty used to having Mabel…I got up on Tuesday and thought oh, I should probably let Mabel out…dah. she’s not here!! 🙂

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