[Finally] Friday Favorites.

7 Mar

It’s finally another Friday Favorites.  [It’s been FOR-EV-ER.]  And it’s finally Friday which is my favorite.  After I posted on Monday night, I promptly was up all night, sick as a – something.  Lots of toast, naps, and Gatorade later [in addition to stumbling through two Ash Wednesday services and a funeral], I feel on the mend.  Finally.  You know what else is my favorite?

This pattern really tempts me to branch into sewing clothes.  Can you imagine just a whole bunch of these homemade tanks in my closet to go underneath my cardigans?  I can picture it very, very clearly in my mind …

MEYER LEMON AND POPPYSEED SOURDOUGH WAFFLES WITH A BLOOD ORANGE CARAMEL SAUCE?  [Yes, that required yelling.  That is my excitement level around anything lemon and anything waffles and anything caramel.]  Can you even imagine?

1.21 gigawatts!  Someone is going to make Back to the Future into a musical!

I want a wall of dots.  Think the church would go for that in their parsonage?

Oh, you know me.  Thai food is a weakness of mine.  Hence, these Thai chicken crunch wraps sound dreamy.

It would simply be uncharacteristic to have a Friday Favorites without some sort of quilting link.  Fine, okay, here you go.  A few tips on half square triangles.  I love triangles.

We’ll call that good.  I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much wonderful.  I hope your weekend is wonderful.  I’m getting my haircut by my favorite stylist in the Cities; my weekend can’t NOT be wonderful.  Haircuts are my favorite.

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