It’s been a week.

3 Mar

One week ago I set foot again on American soil.  I haven’t posted on this blog since [except, you may know, that one post the casting people of Chopped made me take down].  So what have I been up to?  Well …

I unpacked and put away my suitcase.  It’s the first time in about three months that it’s been put away.  I’m glad to be settled in at home again for a while.  The fridge has food again and my bedroom is strewn with clothes.  All is back to normal.

I did not get a call back to have a skype interview with the show Chopped.  Oh well.  No doubt I would have been chopped all to quickly into the show anyways.

I made beer.  And when I say I made beer, I really mean that I stirred some grain and measured some hops and activated some yeast.  My new friend did the rest.  He’s the expert brewer anyways; we’ll leave it to him.  But I’ll certainly help drink the hefeweizen in a couple weeks.

It was indeed right and salutary that we [jD, Lauren, Paige, and I] play Oscar bingo while watching the Academy Awards.  It was unfortunate for all of our cards that Ellen did not wear a bowtie.

Mabel and I tried to go for a walk.  We were both desperate to get out of the house.  We lasted about five minutes before limbs and paws got too cold.  I can’t wait until it is 30 degrees.

And this week?  Lent begins, pictorial directory planning, a funeral, newsletter, and a haircut.  That’s quite enough for now.

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