Signs of spring.

11 Mar

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Minnesota. The sun was shining and the temperatures climbed into the upper 40s. When you walked outside, the first and loudest sound you heard was the water running through the gutters and spouts; the snow was melting! It was lovely.

In an effort to both embrace it and help spring along (and not get angry that today it is much colder with the possibility of sleet/snow), here is what is happening in my house –


The Easter eggs have come out! I know that it is lent and that, theologically, this pastor is jumping the gun, but I want to be able to enjoy them. This is the first year these eggs have been on my table; they were my Grandma Vera’s. I loved seeing them at her house every year, so colorful and so glittery. I smile when I see them now.

Iced coffee! While it isn’t quite time for me to begin my own iced coffee process (believe me, though, I’ve thought about it more than once), these drinks are a nice stand in for a warmer, sunshiny day.


Cleaning. I love spring cleaning, especially when it’s a sermon procrastination tool.  I also love dreaming about sitting around the patio table, laying in the hammock, and being able to access my bird feeders once again. Spring has given us a taste, a tease, and now I officially can’t wait.

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