A week of many hats.

16 Mar

Another week has flown by and I’ve barely said a peep on here. Where was I?

I was an authorized clergy person doing lots of hospital visits. And a clergy person (not so authorized in that I had a badge) doing lots of other visits.

I was a third grade teacher on Friday. It was a great class HOWEVER the whole school was in a bit of a crazy-mode as the day I subbed was the day that each grade level rotated into the gym for PTO-sponsored bouncy houses and bouncy games. All day: “How much longer until we go to the gym?” “Two hours.” “How much longer?” “One hour and forty five minutes.”

I was a movie viewer. I watched lots of movies this weekend and it was an eclectic variety at that: Back to the Future III, Hot Rod, and The Hobbit.

I was a bowler. A bowler who broke 100 two out of three games. I’ll take it.

And I was a skyper. I skyped with Amanda and Joe and they told me awesome jokes. Ready? What’s red and hurts your teeth? (A brick.) And then we laughed for five minutes.



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