Inanimate object love.

20 Mar

Do you get attached to inanimate objects? Appliances specifically?

You know, like really love your hair dryer and if you have to use someone else’s it’s just uncomfortable and strange? Or your kitchen mixer? Maybe your iron?

I realized this week how much I’m attached to my coffee grinder. This coffee grinder has been my constant morning companion for years. I bought it while on internship in Dawson. It had been with me in St. Paul, Wisconsin and the last two and a half years in Austin. I realized how much I was attached to this morning companion when it BROKE and I had to try and replace it. (Not possible.)

So it broke. Actually, it’s been broke for a while but broke to a point that it still could be used with some basic modification. Modification I was more than willing to endure because I loved it so. But then this week, it just stopped working. And the world stood still.

I was in Austin yesterday for a visit and I ran into the store. Okay, I’ll just buy one. I need one. I’m sure I can find one that will work.


The store had two options. I chose one. I got it home. And I hated it.

The cord doesn’t wind up by twisting the bottom! You have to hold the button down THE WHOLE TIME! There is no measure on the top so I know how many beans to grind! It was horrendous. It was a nightmare.

So I ordered another one tonight. I just couldn’t deal with the subpar replacement. I found a coffee grinder of the same brand as before and with the same features. The order is being processed as I write. My life will return to normal when that box arrives on my stoop.

(And if ever I have written a satirical post that deserves this hashtag, it is this one: #firstworldproblems)

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