It’s story time!

16 Apr

I took Mabel for a quick walk this afternoon before it started to rain. Somewhere between here and the cemetery, the fifth grade neighbor girl joined me. We walked and talked and chatted. Then, as we got closer to her house and her eventual departure from our walk together, Mabel got excited about a dead raccoon in the ditch. She really wanted to sniff that corpse, so much so that she exerted herself with such power that the leash flew out of my hand. What flew out of my mouth? An expletive. A naughty word. Something that fifth grader should not have heard her pastor neighbor say. Shit. It was shit.

I’ve been recovering the chairs to my dining room table for, oh, the past sixth months. It’s been a slow process. A pretty non-existent process most weeks. But tonight I finished one chair! One down and three to go. (It’s – in my opinion – a super cool vintage table. One I grew up with on the porch of the farmhouse. I love it but the upholstery needed some fun and newness.)image

My friend, Lynn, sent me some snail mail. It arrived today with a note that she had discovered a shoebox of things from high school. Notes passed, issues of our friend group newsletter, clippings of random things, etc. And apparently these two portraits by me. (We were huge history nerds so it might make sense.)


Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday. Since I’ve been at ROG, Maundy Thursday has not treated me well. Two years ago? My heel broke while reading Psalm 22 at the end of the service. Last year, I chipped a tooth while chewing gum. Tomorrow? We will see if the curse continues. Worst case scenario? A broken leg … heart … egg yolk in my morning breakfast?

I made grapefruit scones tonight.

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