Happy Easter, friends!

21 Apr

I hope you all had a beautiful, sun-shiny day yesterday! Here was my day in a few photos:

Top: Before the season of Lent began, we at ROG stain-glassified these letters. We ‘buried’ them for the season of Lent and then on Sunday morning, people arrived to find them hanging high above our sanctuary. (Thanks to a dedicated trustee and extension ladder for that!) I think it turned out awesome. I love it.

Bottom left: Gracie, a super fun sixth grader at ROG, made and gave me these bunny cupcakes. I ate one last night and let me tell you – the delicious factor actually outdoes the cute factor AS IF THAT IS EVEN POSSIBLE.

Bottom middle: While it was forecasted to rain and storm all afternoon and evening, it turned into a perfect day. A perfect day to end with a campfire in a backyard.

Bottom right: I went geocaching with this guy. (He’s unfolding a very wet log from a very well-hidden geocache.) My friend, Dave, is also an Easter orphan with family too far away. We ate ham, went for a bike ride, and treasure hunted, geocache-style.

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