Three deans.

13 May

I’m going to drop a little churchy, synod language on you. Ready?

The ELCA consists of synods. Each synod consists of conferences. Each conference has deans. Deans = conference leaders.

I am a vice-dean for my conference, going on year two of service in this capacity. JD and Paige are new co-deans of their conference. The deans meet at the synod office five or six times a year for dean’s meetings. Tonight was the first time that Paige, jD, and I were all present together as deans in some capacity. Thus we had to visit Candace.

Candace? I’ve introduced her to you before. A long time ago. Candace lives in the ‘All Things Fransiscan’ room at Assisi Heights, the place at which the synod offices live. Candace is a nun. An inanimate nun who has a sign pinned to her: Please touch only with your eyes. We first met Candace when we first came to the synod together, three years ago. (Three years ago?! Three years ago, the three of us were assigned to the southeastern Minnesota synod. I can hardly believe it has been that long!)

For old times sake, for the three year anniversary of meeting Candace, for the celebration of being deans together, here is a selfie with her. Please touch only with your eyes.


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