Lindsay (might maybe hopefully) go to camp.

7 May

Through a random series of events (and google searches), I learned about a camp. A camp held in different locations across the United States every year. A camp that only lasts a weekend. Color Lindsay intrigued.

Oh, right. It’s also a camp specifically for grieving kids. Kids who have lost a parent or family member or close friend. That’s why Lindsay was super intrigued.

It’s called Camp Erin and there is one in northern Minnesota in July. I contacted the organizer and got the details. They might maybe hopefully need one or two more counselors and I might maybe hopefully be one of them. I will attend a training at the end of the month and we will see! Fingers crossed.

Check out more about Camp Erin here.

One Response to “Lindsay (might maybe hopefully) go to camp.”

  1. tvbobbyd . May 8, 2014 at 9:48 am #

    This sounds great Lindsay, hope you get picked as a counselor ///Gramps/Grannie

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