Parsonage Project Weekend update!

18 May

Sadly, the weekend has to end at some point. It’s been highly productive here on Mower Freeborn Road. I have some completed projects and some in-progress projects to show for it. They include but are not limited to: four (finally) recovered dining room chairs; banana blueberry muffins; rhubarb cookies (oh, yes, you read that right); a marked wall grid with the beginning stages of polka dots (which I confess, after much pomp and circumstance and excitement, I’m not sure I like); flower pots planted; coasters for sister, Emma, made (I have now made tile coasters for every member of my immediate family; anyone else need some? Postcards work great.);
a new-to-me spray painted and seat-covered sewing chair; continued work on a hexagon quilted table runner; and matchbook shadow box frames complete and hung (my dad collected matchbooks in his younger days; I have them hanging on my wall now). My backyard also was planted: I take no credit for that but enjoyed watching it happen.

Phew. It’s been busy and good. Time to curl up with a movie and chill. I hope your weekend was joyful/productive/relaxing/delicious/whatever you needed it to be!






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